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Here are the materials for self-assembly DSD DAC - DSC2.
All information on this site is open to the CERN Open Hardware License.
Any questions about this project: on the forum or Pavel Pogodin.
This PCB is designed to work with Amanero or BeagleBone Black/Green.

Real prototype of the new version DSC2:

BeagleBone firmware designed specifically for this board Arch_Botic_DSC2.gz.
The firmware allows you to work simultaneously RoonBridge and Network Audio Adapter for HQPlayer.
In the near future I plan to add support for the DLNA.

This image is recorded to the SD using the program Etcher
SSH login:root password:root
Script /opt/tools/ writes the operating system to the internal memory of the eMMC.

Schematic diagram BBB/Amanero+isolator+reclocker+DSC2 DSC2.pdf
BOM for mainboard and resistors network: DSC2_BOM.xls
PCB and back panel dimensions: DSC2_dimensions.pdf

Project documentation coming soon.

And gerbers...
Mainboard gerbers

Resistors 1206 network single board. PCB Thickness - 1.2mm!

Resistors 1206 network array board 2X8 with cut lines. PCB Thickness - 1.2mm!