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Here are the materials for self-assembly DSD DAC - DSC2.
All information on this site is open to the CERN Open Hardware License.
Any questions about this project: on the forum or Pavel Pogodin.

Version DSC 2.5.2(stabile)
Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic
Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic

Version DSC 2.6.2(stabile)
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Schematic diagram DSC 2.5.2/2.6.2 DSC252.pdf
BOM for DSC 2.5.2/2.6.2: BOM DSC2.5.2.xlsx
Gerbers for 2.5.2 and 2.6.2 versions
User Guide DSCv2.5.2 USER GUIDE.pdf

Real prototype of the new version DSC2:
This PCB is designed to work with Amanero or BeagleBone Black/Green.
A full galvanic isolation and recloker on NDK NZ2520SDA generators are used.

Amanero firmware for Windoows - firmware_1096c. Firmware for Linux - firmware_2002b and more
To work with DSC2 Amanero must be connected to the Slave mode.

Resized JPEG graphic

BeagleBone firmware designed specifically for this board Arch_Botic_DSC2.gz.
The firmware allows you to work simultaneously RoonBridge and Network Audio Adapter for HQPlayer.
In the near future I plan to add support for the DLNA.

How to write an image on the internal memory BBB:
1. Write Arch_Botic_DSC2.gz. to microSD with Etcher (no need to unzip)
2. Install SD to BBB
3. Press and hold S2 and power on. After the wave runs through the LEDs - release S2
4. After 1-2 minutes, Linux will boot from this SD
5. Connect to BBB via SSH (putty.exe) by the IP address that your home router issued. SSH login: root password: root
6. Run command /opt/tools/ and wait for completion ~5min

Schematic diagram BBB/Amanero+isolator+reclocker+DSC2 DSC2.pdf
BOM for mainboard and resistors network: DSC2_BOM.xls
Mounting plan mounting_plan.pdf
PCB and back panel dimensions: DSC2_dimensions.pdf

Project documentation coming soon.

And gerbers...
Mainboard gerbers

Resistors 1206 network single board. PCB Thickness - 1.2mm!

Resistors 1206 network array board 2X8 with cut lines. PCB Thickness - 1.2mm!